Fast, Convenient & Effective Drug & Wellness Testing Simplified

Fast, Convenient & Effective Drug & Wellness Testing Simplified

Payroll Processor Integration

Drug and wellness testing has never been simpler or easier. We are able to integrate with the most popular payroll administrators so that your company's employee information is constantly updated automatically within our software; saving your business time while avoiding frustration.

Real-Time Reporting & Results

With our innovative reporting structure, Starfish puts information into your dashboard as it happens— Whether it is letting you know that a candidate has been notified to get pre-employment testing or an employee's drug test results are in.

Onsite & Offsite Collection

We are able to come to your place of business for drug and wellness testing, or we can send collection kits to your company. If offsite works best for your business, employees can visit one of our 2,000+ nearby labs.

Results in No Time

Results times are dependent upon which substances are being tested for, however, all test results will be available within 24-72 hours. Certain drug and alcohol tests we offer are also available as Rapid Tests for results that are ready within mere minutes.

Wellness Testing

Wellness testing can be added as a perk for your employees. This testing can be completed from the same sample collected for drug testing or can be scheduled quarterly, biannually or annually. In accordance with HIPAA policies, these results are only shared with individual employees.
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