Streamlining employee drug testing and more for your company.

Employees are the embodiment of a business and we understand that it is important for employers to be aware of risks and losses that can be involved in the workplace when drugs or alcohol are infused. Let us instill some composure and collectedness in all of the chaos that often surrounds human resources and management.

Options That Suit Your Business

Our services include drug testing across all major areas including pre-employment, for-cause, random, post-accident, DOT/FMCSA testing, safety sensitive and rapid testing options. Whether your business is only interested in screening candidates or is interested in comprehensive drug and wellness testing for all employees, we can customize a plan that fits your needs.

Synchronize Platforms

We alleviate the frustration and hassle that employee drug and wellness testing is accompanied with by consolidating your company's payroll processor with our software for uninterrupted syncing with real-time reporting. We have one of the most flexible platforms in the industry and are fully compatible with today’s well-known human resource information and management systems (HRIS and HRMS).

Where You Need Us

In addition to our more than 2,000 testing centers located across the nation, is able to provide convenient onsite drug, alcohol and wellness testing. Whether it is an office building, job fair or job site, our trained professionals will bring drug testing to your workplace.

Accuracy Matters

We also provide medical review officers (MROs) to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process. MROs determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for laboratory confirmed positive results and adulterated, substituted and/or invalid drug test results. Our MROs review all results because we know that reliability and certainty are not only essential, but crucial.

Peace of Mind

We also offer in-depth, full-service background checks for pre-employment purposes and current employees. Help eliminate risk to your company with our background check service. Large and small businesses alike benefit from vetting employees. Large companies deal with such high volumes of employees that it is important to know that candidates and employees are good hires based not solely instinct, but information as well. Meanwhile, small companies can have a lot to lose if they hire an employee who steals or has assaulted someone.
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