Employee Drug & Wellness Testing

As a third party administrator (TPA) for drug testing, we offer an extensive product line of lab-based and instant drug tests and services. Whether you are only interested in pre-employment testing, DOT-regulated testing, random drug screenings, situational drug testing, or all of the above, we have you and your employees covered. Drug screening may seem like a nuisance to employees, so we also offer the option to show you care about their overall health with our comprehensive wellness testing. Employees can visit any of our 2,000+ testing centers or we can come to your workplace or visit your employees' job site.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) reported in their most recent report, the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, that of the 22.4 million current illicit drug users aged 18 or older in 2013, 15.4 million (68.9 percent) were employed either full or part time. Help ensure the health, safety and productivity of your employees and company before throwing away training time and money by drug screening candidates prior to hiring with our pre-employment testing.

DOT Drug Testing

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires random drug testing for employees of each of its agencies. We provide random drug testing in accordance to the DOT's established annual minimum drug and alcohol random testing rates. Leave it to us to schedule and send your employees to get screened without having to remember the past year's date of testing for each employee.

Random Drug Testing

We also provide random drug testing for non-DOT businesses. If an employee is a substance abuser and is given advanced notice of the random drug test, they may be able to take measures to evade detection. We highly recommend pairing random drug testing with one of our wellness testing options.

For-Cause Drug Testing

For-cause drug testing, also referred to as probable cause or reasonable suspicion drug testing is conducted when an employee gives the workplace suspicion of substance abuse. The “cause” required is an objective, factual, individualized basis for testing, such as when an employee’s behavior or physical appearance suggests drug use or substance abuse, or there are other indications of a violation of the company’s drug policies. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), for-cause testing always produces higher positive rates than random and pre-employment testing.

Scheduled Drug Testing

Scheduled or periodic drug test are implemented when employees are given a notice in advance of the date and time that testing will occur. Periodic drug testing can be used at a quarterly, biannual or annual basis and is routinely conducted as part of a regularly scheduled employment physical or fitness-for-duty medical examination.

Post-Accident Drug Testing

Post-accident drug testing involves testing an employee who was in an accident while on-the-job which may have involved human error, and caused a fatality, a serious injury, or significant property damage. Post-incident testing can involve vehicle or equipment-related accidents or not.

Wellness Testing

Our wellness testing options are comprehensive general health test packages that give employees a look into their overall health. The wellness testing provides insight into various organ systems' health and how they are functioning. Additional industry-specific testing can be added to your business's wellness testing panel.
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